Monday, January 28, 2019

Gretchen & Sidney

A flirty little outdoor meeting by the water for the beautiful German Gretchen and Dutch Sidney. Getting closer to each other and daring to let themselves touch they move in for a kiss as things get more intimate.
Moving inside to somewhere a little more private they quickly and passionately pull (and cut!) each others clothes off, exposing their slim bodies, smooth skin and Gretchen’s, full bush and large, pert breasts.


This shoot has ALL the right elements! FrejaĐ’  is absolutely, drop dead, stunning… She has perfect creamy skin, dark alluring eyes, seriously some of the best breasts around and a thick, thick covering of raven dark pubic hair. The sun streaming in from outside lights her up like the heavenly angle she is.
Just perfect!

Joanna M

Before the Shoot : I’m usualy heaps grumpy first thing in the morning, but today i feel great ! Maybe coz it’s such a gorgeous day, or maybe coz I get to do a shoot ! so excited !!
After the Shoot : I’m super tired. Today was great. It was so relaxed and fun ! Just flopped around on the couch :) I’m just gonna go home and sleep now ! Hope you guys like it !!

Anneke & Katya

You guys are fantastic together! Such sensuous movements. Anneke, your full lips and gentle throbbing when receiving Katya’s kisses down there are sooo sexy. And I am a big fan of frottage - grinding it on the thigh. Katya’s grinding it on Anneke’s thigh really stole the show for me. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Let me know where frottage ranks for girls on the pleasure scale - it’s my favorite position to watch!

Pert Breasts

Soft morning light pours through the large bedroom window as Flora undresses her slender body, exposing her pert breasts and toned torso.
Pulling her yellow lace thong up between her firm round cheeks, she teases at what’s beneath. Lying back naked on the bed, Flora spreads her legs wider as she grips her full bush between her fingers, pulling it back, her soft pink labia opens to reveal her wetness!

Hairy Latina

Zaira - you are a beautiful, sensuous young lady and I am so glad that you jhave shared this beauty with us. I look forward to your return in a video when we can experience your loving body more closely. Thank you for sharing…

Hairy meaty lips

Bending over the table Yara spreads her meaty labia with her fingers, exposing the soft pink wetness between.
Flirting and teasing as she undresses her petite body, Yara glances seductively whilst she removes her clothing. She isn’t getting naked fast enough, as Mila unexpectedly runs in and pulls down her dress and underwear!
Musical and unique Yara shows off her full bush and underarm hair as she stretches out her taut body.

Oil Fisting

Pouring oil onto her breasts, blonde Noa makes her pale skin shiny and slippery. The oil dripping from her tummy down on to her crotch makes her panties see-through, outlining her shape of her vulva through her pubic hair.
Changing outfits turns into a sexually exciting exploration of her limits as Noa stretches her legs wide open, pushing her fist inside herself to an explosive orgasm.

Movienight Girls

Sexy dark skinned Priya, tanned blonde Leandra and big breasted friend of Nichole, Natalja are ready to go for a movie night in this fun and erotic girl girl video. Alternative Asian


Beautiful and quirky Jessi undresses her stunning slender body to reveal her tan lines, full bush and pert breasts.
Making her way outside onto the roof top she makes the most of the sun as it dips in and out of the clouds. The strong winds blow her blonde hair as she soaks up some rays!